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ETA industrial sector

Voltex Energy Efficient Lighting, winner of the ETA award in the Industrial Sector for its exceptional contribution to the National Energy Efficiency Programme

Endorsed by the Department of Minerals and Energy, and Eskom.


How to save power and save energy
How to Beat Power Penalties
The proposed punitive tarriffs that will be imposed on all domestic, commercial & industrial users of electricity, can be combatted, quickly & efficiently, by simply upgrading your lighting & control systems.

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Lighting controls
Lighting Controls

Lighting control systems will become a permanent feature in the years ahead, due to the contribution they make in reducing overall energy costs.
Basic ON/OFF solutions through the use of occupancy sensors are readily available and make an immediate impact in reducing electricity costs.

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Warm start ballast vs Cold start ballast
Warm Start Ballast vs Cold Start Ballast
With the introduction of occupancy sensors it is imperative that you order the correct ballast for the application.

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Need for Emergency lighting
The Need for Emergency Lighting
Emergency lighting must always comply with the appropriate standards. In terms of the Occupational Health & Safety Act (85 of 1993), it is mandatory to provide emergency lighting.
In addition, it is mandatory that the emergency lighting system instlled satisfies strict performance and operational criteria.

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Rental solutions
Rental Solutions
The investment in replacing old luminaires is essentially capital expense, and to that end many companies have not been keen to incur the costs. However, the cost savings are marked, and to this end Voltex Lighting have introduced an Operating Rental Scheme for qualifying customers.

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